The year 2020 brings a whole new decade and it is going to be a watershed in various ways. Everything from Climate Change to tech bursts is revolving around the world. 2020 Cybersecurity predictions are no different.

So with everything taking turns, let’s just take a look at Cybersecurity as well.

The Cybersecurity functioning gap will enlarge

How many people can access Cybersecurity? What is the rate of Cybercrimes worldwide? And last but not least, how quick is tech increasing?

Third-party attacks will hold the chair

Hackers are suckers for infiltrating computer networks and access the data. Third-party chain attacks bolster opportunities for hackers to access more and more information.

But is this issue going to be different in any way? Nope, 2020 may face an increase in the same.

With the speed increasing, it seems tough to crack every obstacle hindering the security. The year 2019 saw the most number of data breaches in history. The year 2020 can see more and more issues.

Medium-scale enterprises will adopt multi-factor authentication

A lot of passwords are floating over the internet, and many of them have found their way in the dark web.

Mid sector business needs to adapt multi-factor security to avoid data floating online. Thus, authentication is the need of the year.

5G can bring a lot of Cybersecurity problems

By 2020, all business ventures and tech sectors will shift to the 5G network. The fast network will boost opportunities, and at the same time, it will increase frauds.

5G’s top beneficiaries could be supply chain management and development. But at the same time, it’s the most risk worthy and vulnerable element.

GDPR could move across the world

General Data Protection Regulation has already entered the European market sectors. It has the ability to provide regular consumers with the protection they require to have.

The new law in Europe has taken a lot of support from GDPR to bind its inside talks. Such amazing tech is still compulsory to come to the rest of the world.

AI and ML have become the two most important terms we’ve heard this year. In 2020, we’ll definitely see AI-based phishing attempts that’ll increase to a level that they become common.

These attacks will have regular consequences and wouldn’t be a big deal in a while.

The era of digital frauds, phishing attempts have even been asked for before happening.

Any scam links you click or any ad that features is a fraud, leads to leakage of data. These attempts won’t decrease in 2020. We better stay aware!